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A Biomechanical Analysis of Point of Failure During Lateral-Row Tensioning in Transosseous-Equivalent Rotator Cuff Repair Abstract Summary Ortho {DB9DC70B-0DF1-4D22-B501-729E389FF75D}
A Comparative Study of Osteoblast Response to PEEK or Titanium Commonly Used in Dental Implants Case Study Speciality {3687C3BB-4335-485F-BFEC-82F1A9828D5A}
A Composite Material Biomechanical Properties and Wear/Debris Characteristics of CF-PEEK Composites for Orthopedic Trauma Implants Abstract Summary Trauma {F01162B5-F8DD-4974-99C8-A386E3D01A89}
A New Material for Hip Prothesis without Considerable Debris Release Abstract Summary Ortho {7A6B333C-AE9E-4477-AFB3-F7E390A6A022}
A New Volar Plate DiPhoas-RM for Fixation of Distal Radius Facture: Preliminary Report Literature Review Invibio {520C4B59-A838-4732-9456-E17B3BB2A1CF}
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Revision of a Relatively New Implant System Abstract Summary Ortho {1A4C682A-49F5-4C89-A35D-FDB80D4E8A26}
Arthroscopy from the leaders of PEEK the company that brought you PEEK-OPTIMA Application Brochure Ortho {70248567-FB43-42FB-8C9F-F67DBA23F1E1}
Bacterial Adhesion to Orthopaedic Implant Materials and a Novel Oxygen Plasma Modified PEEK Surface Literature Review Ortho {ABB55AB9-FBD3-4D40-AB70-5D63C60866B6}
Bioabsorbable Anchors in Glenohumeral Shoulder Surgery Abstract Summary Ortho {5E42C067-4FC6-46D7-9ED1-CB37A78DF50E}
Biocompatibility Data Supports Why PEEK is Challenging Metals for Trauma Applications White Paper Trauma {2CC4C181-9013-4886-9BB9-0571D0F6B84D}
Biomechanical Evaluation of Three Surgical Scenarios of Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion by Finite Element Analysis Abstract Summary Spine {CFECAF8D-11A4-4385-A241-482E7E0D6037}
Biotribological Study of Large Diameter Ceramic-on-CFR-PEEK Hip Joint Including Fluid Uptake, Wear and Frictional Heating Abstract Summary Ortho {2DA08EC7-270A-43F1-AA79-7EA3B37B20B5}
Biotribology of a New Bearing Material Combination in a Rotating Hinge Knee Articulation Abstract Summary Ortho {18C9E7A3-79E4-428C-BAA7-B18C2C0AACC2}
Biotribology of Alternative Bearing Materials for Knee Arthroplasty Abstract Summary Ortho {19207C6C-289E-4140-99ED-ABEE03AD8A46}
Comparison of the Biomechanical Effect of Pedicle-based Dynamic Stabilization: A Study Using Finite Element Analysis Abstract Summary Spine {8168F74A-1A39-46DA-B35F-E1F5975CD495}
Computer-Assisted Designed and Computer-Assisted Manufactured Polyetheretherketone Prosthesis for Complex Fronto-Orbito-Temporal Defect Abstract Summary Spine {604E3A24-5C97-4530-AA75-6E7234CD4327}
Cyclic Loading Biomechanical Analysis of Pullout Strengths of Rotator Cuff and Glenoid Anchors: 2013 Update Literature Review Invibio {F3C2B56D-3CA4-4487-BB05-5816762A4DEE}
Do Polyetheretherketone Rod Systems Offer Clinical Advancements White Paper Spine {3EC76348-1F9D-42E1-B3A3-C89D035CA77B}
Effects of Gamma Sterilization on Implant Grade Polyetheretherketone White Paper Spine {C9E1509C-5B2E-4C7F-AB71-7FE97B4D181C}
Effects of Rod Stiffness and Fusion Mass on the Adjacent Segments after Floating Mono-segmental Fusion: A Study Using Finite Element Analysis Abstract Summary Spine {D4BFAF0A-372D-4DA8-AD59-3F58407E493A}
First Invibio WhitePaper PEEK OPTIMA HA Enhanced White Paper Spine {187BCB29-6037-4EEC-9069-33AF8F2DE1F8}
Heat Generated by Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis: An In Vivo Pilot Study Abstract Summary Ortho {46F042B7-65D9-45D6-8515-89CB7AFDB8CF}
Improved Osteoblast Compatibility of Medical-Grade PEEK Using Arc Ionplated Rutile/Anatase Titanium Dioxide Films for Spinal Implants Abstract Summary Spine {A7513A14-427D-40B8-9888-0DC6310B21A7}
Improvement of Bone Ingrowth on PEEK Surface Implant Abstract Summary Speciality {1927B908-D6BE-48D9-A3AA-71C6D0219457}
In Vitro Examination of Molar Crowns with Substructures Made of Different Polyetheretherketones Abstract Summary Speciality {C17B1456-804A-44AC-BC2D-65424D6A4F2F}
In Vivo Implant Fixation of Carbon fibre-Reinforced PEEK Hip Prostheses in an Ovine Model Abstract Summary Ortho {D8F372F5-9B83-4422-8711-59265A8B8DAC}
Inflammatory Response Against Different Carbon fibre-Reinforced PEEK Wear Particles Compared with UHMWPE In Vivo Abstract Summary Ortho {E8E4EBCB-4150-4B83-8E0D-9B6981CDC29C}
Interfacial Shear Strength of Bioactive-Coated Carbon fibre Reinforced PEEK after In vivo Implantation Abstract Summary Invibio {74125142-2765-46F6-B9F3-67AE8A2D96C4}
Investigation of Metallic and Carbon Fibre PEEK Fracture Fixation Devices for Three-Part Proximal Humeral Fractures Abstract Summary Trauma {CC5B3C16-FDFD-4A3C-B0CE-4943C641BF14}
Invibio Biomaterial Solutions PEEK-OPTIMA Natural Polymer used in Patient Specific Cranial Implants Literature Review Speciality {CCA70744-3D41-4F99-9923-5BA1644BB9AB}
Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced Brochure Product Brochure Trauma {AFB17874-7BEF-4243-8A8E-6A6F86AD55C4}
POHA SPINE Brochure Compressed Product Brochure Spine {00DDADFD-800E-4461-8BB6-FAAA58CEF981}
ISO 13485-2003 Tech Support Speciality {FAA847FB-C034-429F-816D-B92FA9B365C8}
ISO 9001-2008 Tech Support Speciality {DBD08FF8-10C3-4184-9217-71C2C9AFED3C}
Juvora Dental Brochure Application Brochure Dental {B3FE3386-0942-4B4F-80DF-B45D8CFB761A}
Load Transfer Characteristics Between Posterior Spinal Implants and the Lumbar Spine Under Anterior Shear Loading: An In Vitro Investigation Abstract Summary Spine {4B4E83F6-7769-4F94-86F9-1627FB14CFB1}
Locking Plates for Distal Femur Fractures: Is There a Problem with Fracture Healing? Abstract Summary Ortho {6BA59134-E97F-4515-98E6-CD6D48583BD0}
Materials for Medical Devices: Biocompatibility of Polymers Abstract Summary Invibio {E207C238-63D7-4BE9-ACC2-8BC1904D6149}
Mechanical Evaluation and Cell Response of Woven PEEK Scaffolds Abstract Summary Speciality {4B41786A-8CE5-4702-92E6-1DD2C7286D35}
Nano-TiO2 / PEEK Bioactive Composite as a Bone Substitute Material: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies Abstract Summary Invibio {BFA06B1D-15B2-455E-8F14-B4CFDB94D987}
NUBAC Intradiscal Arthroplasty: Preclinical Studies and Preliminary Safety and Efficacy Evaluations Abstract Summary Spine {C3EF3F9F-8E03-4274-9A57-9970C80F5A47}
PEEK In Vivo Biostability Study White Paper Speciality {23CFA350-CD86-4D2F-88BF-974262A0996A}
PEEK Intervertebral Structural Cage for Anterior Cervical Corpectomy and Fusion Literature Review Invibio {67C851EF-A7CD-4475-A87E-8FFA4AD6651C}
PEEK Optima Natural Typical Material Properties Spine {9EC81B92-8AB8-40DA-AF8F-6C3BF002AA84}
PEEK Versus Ti Interbody Fusion Devices: Resultant Fusion, Bone Apposition, Initial and 26 Week Biomechanics Abstract Summary Spine {7E424818-AFEB-4679-BC11-E9C4F02A01C7}
PEEK-OPTIIMA in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Literature Review Speciality {A0DB205E-BA33-46D2-AE58-7799FA6E7E04}
PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced: NEW Cervical Fusion Study Finds Performance Advantages with PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced White Paper Spine {7408486B-65FC-45FD-8DFD-71DFE3EAE643}
PEEK-OPTIMA Carbon fibre-Reinforced Brochure Product Brochure Invibio {4957FAED-3D7D-466B-BED0-F8DFCF1A6E5A}
PEEK-OPTIMA from Invibio Biomaterial Solutions Fact Sheet Invibio {B2E37308-B8B0-46A9-B900-9F59387A0398}
PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced Brochure Product Brochure Spine {D2F10480-A290-4F3C-AF06-F5FC035371AB}
PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced Cervical Fusion Study Overview Product Brochure Spine {1852C1DE-B4A3-472E-A464-1FE464F86FA2}
PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced for Ortho Product Brochure Ortho {0AC123C7-B4C5-41DE-8FB7-6E99FB7AB15C}
PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced Polymer Typical Material Properties Tech Support Invibio {D7FD4FEA-76EB-4AFD-A5D0-305134B921B7}
PEEK-OPTIMA Image Contrast Brochure Product Brochure Invibio {28FBBE02-3354-426D-A23D-4F70EEADCDA5}
PEEK-OPTIMA Natural Polymer in Arthroscopy Literature Review Ortho {23B8EDD3-B6FD-414F-9DBB-7E62B1099FC4}
PEEK-OPTIMA Natural Typical Material Properties Tech Support Invibio {7C14BB26-2F0C-4DAA-A91B-20AF49F455B2}
PEEK-OPTIMA Polymer Rods for Posterior Spine Stabilization Application Brochure Spine {83037CE9-244E-4862-931E-297A7680C5F6}
PEEK-OPTIMA Reinforced Mechanical Properties Tech Support Invibio {4AB70D7B-6306-4A2E-B0B0-BFFA81932E4D}
PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rods OEM Brochure Product Brochure Spine {A4410F30-0767-4AFA-98C4-9C10997B1219}
PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rods Surgeon Brochure Product Brochure Spine {47B843F4-BE50-481D-92B9-854D37CCFE90}
PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced White Paper Trauma {4A46DA63-843D-4B2B-AEBA-8BA753A42A99}
PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced Brochure for Device Manufacturers Product Brochure Trauma {52F1E6DF-CA85-40CE-8631-EA770948FB62}
PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced Brochure for Surgeons Product Brochure Trauma {8A1A4C1A-B187-4143-9ED9-7E3D7C874760}
PEEK-OPTIMA Wear Performance Typical Material Properties Tech Support Invibio {E4BB0846-E519-4459-93DB-2F896D33C7A3}
PEEK-OPTIMA Wear Performance Typical Material Properties Technical Support Invibio {DC65AEA0-4784-4C36-BCF7-9C8D5C4584DD}
Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Rods in Lumbar Spine Degenerative: A Case Series Abstract Summary Spine {EF6D1AD8-41C7-4398-96C9-580A3386B714}
Polyetheretherketone Interbody Cages Versus Autogenous Iliac Crest Bone Grafts with Anterior Fixation for Cervical Disc Disease Abstract Summary Spine {99552131-A758-4727-AF05-B5A021CD83ED}
Polymeric Materials for Articulating Motion Preservation Devices Case Study Ortho {75F323E7-1E9C-4BB8-9178-6E44F2C7B1E6}
Poster: A Comparison of PEEK-OPTIMA and PLLA Interference Screws Abstract Summary Ortho {20D181EE-60D6-4B27-AE68-210EF6823BAE}
Posterior Lumbar Fusion by PEEK Rods in Degenerative Spine: Preliminary Report on 30 Cases Abstract Summary Spine {477D44FD-1BF4-46B6-AAE3-564DF46B7C9A}
Pre-clinical Studies to Validate the MITCH PCR Cup: a Flexible and Anatomically Shaped Acetabular Component with Novel Bearing Characteristics Abstract Summary Ortho {669B748E-3B5C-4782-BEA4-882DA17854B3}
Radiographic Analysis of PEEK Cage and FRA in Adult Spinal Deformity Fused to Sacrum Abstract Summary Spine {D6723385-DBAB-4DA0-8493-84818BAC4DC7}
Single-Level Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Interbody Fusion (ACDF) using PEEK Anatomical Cervical Cage and Allograft Bone Abstract Summary Spine {4F260319-2A0D-443A-BD60-2E10A14D1B02}
Solis Cage (PEEK) for Anterior Cervical Fusion: Preliminary Radiological Results with Emphasis on Fusion and Subsidence Abstract Summary Spine {7A439E20-1955-4AA8-8164-99838A111E1B}
Spinal Biomaterials Update: PEEK-OPTIMA polymers deliver high performance and potential clinical advantages over traditional biomaterials in spinal applications White Paper Spine {AB80BF3C-2176-4660-B4FE-6494FB459308}
Suture Anchors, Eyelets, and Designs: Update 2008 Abstract Summary Ortho {78A0648E-AE9F-43CB-B3BE-19EFCEC46711}
Technical and Histologic Analysis of a Retrieved Carbon fibre - Reinforced Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone Composite Alumina Bearing Liner 28 Months After Implantation Abstract Summary Ortho {844DE477-79CB-46F4-AA37-2AC9DAB82335}
The Influence of Acetabular Cup Material on Pelvis Cortex Surface Strains, Measured using Digital Image Correlation Abstract Summary Ortho {5A98EF04-257E-4DFD-AC86-9DA8B791C910}
The Next Generation in Materials for Interbody Fusion PEEK-OPTIMIA HA Enhanced White Paper Spine {66579AFA-DB44-4F53-9C73-F15576060346}
The Use of Semi-Rigid Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic Plates for Fixation of Human Fractures. Results of Preliminary Trials Abstract Summary Trauma {AB1DF05F-96D1-41B4-9069-EFD7CDC5E396}
The Use of Single-Level Construct Model to Evaluate Non-metallic Flexible" Rods Abstract Summary Spine {54092A55-F360-4CAB-BA2B-AD1DCBE72A81}
The Wear Properties of CFR-PEEK-OPTIMA Articulating Against Ceramic Assessed on a Multidirectional Pin-on-Plate Machine Abstract Summary Ortho {7F9FDA87-4C33-4CFE-8084-1EC4E2FF36DF}
Three-Year Prospective Clinical and Radiological Results of a New Flexible Horseshoe Acetabular Cup Abstract Summary Ortho {36D0F727-0302-4ED2-A64C-ACB707054A03}
Use of Poly(ether ether ketone) Cages in Foot and Ankle Surgery Abstract Summary Trauma {8B6FC453-2DCD-4AE2-8B82-7667D8DD48A5}

CORR 2016: Does PEEK/HA Enhance Bone Formation Compared With PEEK in a Sheep Cervical Fusion Model?

Literature Review Spine {5060FDF5-F9F5-443E-A981-0B00EF655DDC}